Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dear Friends,

MY DRESSING BARN believes in giving back, and this time, MY DRESSING BARN wants to give back to their customers :)

Hence, they are organizing a PHOTO CONTEST Giveaway for all you.

1. Take picture of you and your purchase
2. Send it to mydressingbarn@gmail.com.
*** Don't forget to email your NAME, PURCHASE NAME & YOUR PICTURE ***
*** MULTIPLE ENTRIES ALLOWED as long pic is of a different purchase ***

PRIZES to be won will be from Victoria's Secret, Liz Claiborne, GUESS and Estee Lauder and MAYBE.. just MAYBE even more :)

Here's a BONUS ENTRY !!!

To BLOG OWNERS, do blog about this contest.


The CHOSEN BLOGGER will get a mystery GIFT !!!

They have GREAT PRIZES to be won so HURRY UP !!!!!!

NOTE : All entries be it PHOTOS or BLOG are to be emailed to....

click FOLLOW at the bottom left hand corner of their website to get instant updates on whether you have WON or not :) E
NJOY !!!

Contest Deadline : 31st Aug 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

Retro Part 2

A retro dress for the ladies !!! Nicely attached to it is a huge button, not too over-the-top but it does make quite an impact, don't you think so? Hee~ The peterpan collars are to love. Definitely an A style!

Price: RM30
Colours available: Brown and Purple
Size: Free size


Cute circles, cute buttons, cute peterpan collars, cute sleeves. The cuteness of this top cannot be denied. Suits the ladies who demand to look stylish be it at work or during their leisure time. Black and white top can never look this fun, no? It comes in extremely limited quantity. Made of thick, quality cotton.

Price: RM 25
Size: Fits up to M

Mickey Tee

We are a huge fan of Mickey Mouse, isn't it too obvious? Hehe. No doubt it is a simple tee, but it does look lovely and can be nicely worn on the day where you don't feel like dressing up but at the same time you wanna look stylish and presentable. It really suits simplicity lovers!

Price: RM 16
Size: Can fit up to size L

Mickey Mode

We bring you something fun this time ! Feel young with this top. Notice the sleeves? Cute, no? This top is super cute as you can see loadsss of Mickey Mouse cartoon being spread all over the top! We promise you this top is made of superb, thick, quality cotton.

Price: RM 20
Size: Fits up to size L

Thursday, December 4, 2008

House of Thalia

A lovely body hugging top with cute peterpan collar and buttons. The material is pretty thick and stretchable which makes this piece a real comfy. Another A style piece from us up for grab.

Price: RM 28
Colour: Only available in green as shown in the picture (1 piece only)
Size: Fits up to small L


House of Ariadna Sodi

This piece defines classy and elegance perfectly! You can never go wrong with this piece. Pair it with your jeans, skinny jeans or even the formal pants and you'll look super fab. Made of high quality cotton, it is designed to bring the A style in you.

Only RM 28 !!!!!

Colour: Only available in light brown as shown in the picture

Size: Fits up to small L


Monday, November 17, 2008

Kimono Inspired Dress

The black "top" is attached to this dress

The smock

Side view

Back view

Our kimono inspired dress will definitely produce you the "A" style. It has beautiful cutting, the smock does enhance the loveliness of this dress, and not to mention the stripes. Simple yet fashionable, a must have for every girl.

The colours available are:
Blue and black (sold)
Pink and black (sold)
White and black

Free size

RM 45

The Basic Cardi

You know it is a must to have a basic cardi right? As you can see, it is made of think knitted cotton, and don't you just love the cute buttons? It's simple, it's stylish, it's comfy !

The basic cardi is only available in black.

The tank top is included upon purchase. The colours of the tank top are:

The basic cardi with black tank top (sold)
The basic cardi with red tank top (sold)
The basic cardi with yellow tank top (sold)

Fits up to L

RM 28

My Satin Top

Front view
*Light Purple*

Back view

The buttons

The smock

We have it in black too...

And also in maroon...

Nothing else spells glamor as well as a satin top, especially this one. A combination of sleek and sexy with collared button neck. Add up with a touch of ruffled details on each sides. Trust me, pair it with a skinny jeans and a matching heels, you're all good for a fabulous night out!

The colours available are:
Light purple (sold)
Maroon (sold)

Fits up to L

RM 28


Front view

Back view
*Black and white*

The sash is detachable

The details

Also available in blue and white

This one is perfect for those who dare to be different. Stylish and bold, suitable for a casual day out or even office wear. Be it with jeans or a clean cut slacks, you will for sure look like a runway model. What I love the most is that button on the collar, a simple touch yet screams FASHION!

Futuretro is available in three colours:
Red and white (sold)
Black and white
Blue and white

Size: Free size

RM 30